Frequently Asked Questions



Update: Changes to Labeling

The biggest changes we have made are as follows


  1. Taren is providing Screen Printed bottles for each product which have all the correct directions. See photo below. No more label issues! 




  1. We now have two methods of dispensing. Spray heads as before and the new flip disc lid for squirting and/or pouring the product. This is designed to reduce the amount of spraying and atomisation of product.



General FAQ


Are Taren products safe for the environment? 

Yes they are. All Taren products are non hazardous and biodegradable. This means they will break down easily when diluted.

Are Taren Products “Green”? 

Where a green option is available we use it. Taren is very careful to ensure that our products are safe for use and sustainable whilst still doing the job for centres. All our products come in recyclable containers and packaging. The products are made here in Australia for local and imported ingredients. Some ingredients are just not made here in Australia.

Are Taren products safe for use around people with Allergies or Anaphylaxis? 

Taren is vigilant in ensuring that it products are as low allergenic as possible. We keep samples of each manufactured batch of product until its best before date expires. Some of our ingredients are synthetically manufactured to make sure that they contain no trace of nuts or seed based products. Some citrus based and /or natural product formulas are often produced in factories where nut or seed based products may be present. All centres are provided with a complete MSDS booklet, dispensing Guide and wall charts for each area. Put these up in the specific areas and download the emailed guide.
As part of QA2 all liquid products have child resistant lids and to assist with QA3 all products come in recyclable containers for recycling.

Which should I use, Spray or Flipdisc?

It is your choice. If you are in a situation that you should not spray such as a confined space, children present or are concerned about inhaling any spray use the flipdisc only. Some centres have converted all products except Window cleaner to use the flipdisc.



Neutral Cleaner FAQ


Neutral Cleaner is used in the bottles and also for mopping the floor. This can be used everywhere in your centre except where you prepare food. Follow the Dispensing guide instructions.


Do I use Neutral cleaner for Nappy changes?

Yes. The product is designed for cleaning all surfaces in the nappy change area. If body fluid soiling occurs directly on to change mat- follow infection control procedures.

Do I have to dispose of this product daily? 

It is important to make up fresh solution as often as you can. Making up smaller amount each time and using it up daily is the perfect scenario. Neutral Cleaner will always clean the same. Its disinfectant and sanitising properties decrease over time when product is diluted. If unsure dispose of product and make up fresh solution. Some site pour excess product into a mop bucket and use for end of day mopping.

What is someone is coughing or has a reaction to the Neutral Cleaner?

Ensure that it is being used with the correct dilution-Refer to Dispensing guide wall chart. Ensure that it is only being used in with a flipdisc lid. Ensure water source is not contaminated by excessive chlorine in the water system.

What does Neutral mean?

Neutral refers to the products PH level. PH is determined on a scale 0-14. Neutral PH is around 7-7.5 on this scale.0 being Acidic and 14 being Alkaline. This is a similar PH to your skin.



Antibacterial Spray and Wipe FAQ


This is food use in food preparation areas and kitchens. Follow the Dispensing guide instructions.

Is this a food grade Sanitiser? 

Yes. It is specifically designed with the active Quaternary Ammonium compounds – a commonly recognised ingredient in foods grade sanitisers. Refer to SDS for more information.

What is someone is coughing or has a reaction to the Antibacterial Spray and Wipe?

Ensure that it is being used with the correct dilution-Refer to Dispensing guide wall chart. Ensure that it is only being used in with a flipdisc lid. Ensure water source is not contaminated by excessive chlorine in the water system.

Can I add this to our rinse water when washing kitchen items and mouthed toys?

Yes you can. Add to rinse water only. Please follow the same directions as for mop buckets as the average sink is around 6-8lt of water. Allow to air dry.



Handwash Pink FAQ


Ready to use. No mixing. Use straight from 5lt container. Use for all your hand washing needs. Please clean all wall mounted dispensers of old product before filling with new. PVC Handwash Pink labels are provided for these as well 500ml pump bottles.


What if someone has a possible reaction to the Handwash Pink?

Discontinue its use for that person immediately. It has a neutral PH so will only affect a very small number of the population. Commonly they have a reaction to the perfume or colouring. A “Pearl” Handwash is available as an option. It contains no perfume or colour.



Window Cleaner FAQ


Use straight with no dilution into the bottle provided.

Can it be used on other surfaces?

It can but it is not recommended. Window Cleaner is the only product in the range that is slightly acidic. This how we achieve a “streak free” clean on glass and mirrors. It is ideal to use paper towel, newspaper or microfibre cloths for cleaning these surfaces. Do not use this cloth for cleaning other surfaces. A specific glass cloth is recommended.



Classic Dishwashing Detergent FAQ


This is similar to Morning Fresh you may have at home. Use undiluted into the bottle provided. Just a few drops in your sink will do the job.


Can this be used in a dishwasher?

No. It will cause the machine to foam.




Nappy Soaker FAQ


Use on items like bibs, tea towels, soiled clothes and bedding. 1 scoop per bucket.

Can the Nappy soaker be used as washing powder? 

Yes, it can but only as a temporary measure. It does not meet the Australian Standard.

Is it colour safe?

Yes. There are two types of soaking products. Chlorine based products which are not colour safe and Oxygen bleach based products which are colour safe. The Nappy soaker is the latter.

How long should I soak for?

The results will improve the longer you soak an item. Ideally overnight, but a couple of hours is sufficient.




Ultimate Top / Front Laundry Powder FAQ


This product meets the Australian Standard for laundry sanitisation in cold water. Use only 1 scoop per load!!

If I put in two scoops will the product wash better?

More than one scoop makes it difficult for the rinse cycle to remove any residual product. This can cause irritation to the skin. If centres encounter any issues of this nature they should check the water level in both wash and rinse cycles for the machine to insure they are being rinsed correctly.




Phosphate Free Dishwashing Powder FAQ 


Safer for the environment. For those centres that have domestic machines fill the smallest reservoir in the machine. For commercial machines please use one scoop every 7- 10 cycles.

Is this product very corrosive and is scaling the machine?

The product is non corrosive. Excessive amounts of powder being placed in the machine can cause scaling. It is also often caused by the water being” hard” and containing limescale. It is easy to remove using a descaler and some scrubbing with a scouring pad.




Cleanplus Instant Hand Sanitiser FAQ


Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

How many times can I use it before I need to wash my hands normally?

It is widely accepted in the industry that you should only apply this three times before washing your hands in the normal way. It is not designed to replace normal hand washing. It will not remove soiling it will only sanitise.

Is it safe for the children to use?

Yes, it is safe, but only under strict supervision. Normal hand washing is always preferred. The product contains up to 70% Isopropyl Alcohol as an active ingredient.




Pool Salt FAQ


This is used to sanitise your sandpit.

How often do I do it?

One jug full of salt is sprinkled on like 100’s & 1000’s on a cake and raked through the sandpit. This is for an average size sandpit 3m x 3m. Adjust quantity to suit. Most centres and doing this on a Friday afternoon when they pack up their sandpit for the weekend. This is a naturally occurring product so it does not require an SDS. Some centres are encouraging the children to be involved as an activity.




Merri Magic Erasers FAQ


They are used to remove marks on walls, tables chairs etc. Use with warm water, wipe over surface and wipe clean. These are amazing!

Can I use these to get marks off children's skin?


If you need any extra information please email